The Pretty Canary x My Scary Eyes: A Pretty Scary Deal

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I know its been a while between working my day job and night job I haven’t had the type of time to dedicate to my passion. So when I received an email from My Scary Eyes to review their products I knew it was time to come back and write an article for them. After waiting for a little over a week to receive my PR package it has arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted!


My Scary Eyes offers customers the option of ordering individual contacts for all types of cosplay or ordering lenses for everyday use to change up your look AKA super cute insta pics. I was sent the Complete Glimmer Hazel Contact Lens and Solution Set. What I absolutely love is how soft the lenses are I never felt like I was going to scratch my cornea’s which is always a huge concern.


The Color impact is phenomenal the hazel contacts look crazy natural even though the design is the main focal point and really gives them that special wow factor. Now if you have a prescription I wouldn’t suggest these lens because they are not prescription nor can they be made to be.

Overall, I will definitely be ordering more of these fabulous lenses they are crazy affordable and shipping is always free what more can a girl ask for.

Rating: 4.3/5




Artist Spotlight~Nico Demartino A.K.A nikedemaart On Youtube

I Am Completely In Love With This Artist and Recently Contacted Her To Make A Similar Item For Me But Like Every Amazing Product Like It Her Waitlist is Unbelievable. Hopeful When Her List Lightens Up I Will Be Able To Showcase My Custom Piece Here On The Pretty Canary. If You Are Interested In Grabbing One Of These Beautiful Customs For Yourself I will Include Her Email Down Below

If___________________ Had A Social Media Account What Would They Have To Say

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Welcome Back For Another Article… We Are Back After A Very Long Break and This Pretty Canary is All Ready To Pump Out Some Content


In Between Work…Work….Work & Work

Some of My Best Relationships Have Been Between The Pages of Books Literally Fictional Boys Are Killing The Game Right Now… Which is Kind of Sad Considering I Know & Literally Work With Tons of Real Life Boys Who I Never Want To See Outside of The Workplace Let Alone Let Them Take Me Out For A Cup Of Coffee. So What is A Girl To Do If She Wants To Really Feel Like She Is Connecting With Here Favorite Characters. Luckily I didn’t Have To Dig Too Far like You Can Follow Pages Completely Run By Other Users Who Are Absolutely Obsessed With Knowing What So Of There Favorite Characters Would Be Spending Their Time On Social Media On A Daily If This is A Topic You Are Interesting In Exploring Keep On Reading.


The High Warlock Of Brooklyn~ I Mean Who Wouldn’t Want To Follow Someone With A Dope Ass Title Like This and A Cat Named Chairman Meow. Now There are Literally Thousands of Pages Dedicated To Everyone’s Favorite Warlock, Magnus Bane Whose One Liners Slay My Life

“We came to see Jace. Is he alright?”
“I don’t know,” Magnus said. “Does he normally just lie on the floor like that without moving?”

With 400 Plus Years of Knowledge You Would Expect His Tweets To Be Epic and Profound…..But Mostly I suspect they are about His Cats and Alec Of Course


W.W. Hale V~ Elusive Billionaire or Master Thief…. Like Any Multi Dimensional Character He Is A Little Bit of The Best of Both Worlds. He is The Best Co Conspirator That Katerina Bishop and Her Heist Society Could Ever Ask For. Literally WW HALE has it all Private Planes On Deck, Yachts On The Mediterranean and The Best Valet Any Young Gentleman Could Buy. So What Motivates Someone With So Much To Risk It All….The Family! Katerina is Literally living The Dream She Walked Into Hale Manor For A Monet and Left With A Boy Instead…He Is Also The King Of One Liners

“You know, I could be naked in here.”  Which Could Be One of His Tweets Now That I Think About It


Four~ Seriously What’s Hotter Than Falling In Love With Your Instructor Among All Of The Chao and Dystopia He is The Only One Holding You Down…. Plus That Body is Nothing To Sneeze At. I Can’t Even Rely On A Guy To Text Me Back #LifeIsn’tFair

“I don’t want to be just one thing, I can’t be. I want to be brave and I want to be selfless, intelligent and honest and kind.” What A Romantic… He Is Not Going To Leave You On Valentines Day Alone Eating Chocolates At Home.


Jack Force~ Between His Uber Bitch Twin Sister Who He Is Supposed To Spend Eternity With… Yea It Is That Gross Sounding his journey to true love leads him to Social Outcast Schuyler Van Allen she is like the Serena VanderWoodsen Of The Vampire World Their Love Defies Logic as Well as The Laws of Humanity. Its  Amazing I Swear!!! I Was Crying During The Last Few Chapters of The Series

“I love her because she has become something more to me. She become my life.”

or Even This Classic Like Who Says Shit Like This

“When were were cast out of Paradise, we lost part of our soul forever. As part of our punishment, we were cursed never to learn to love again. Instead, we were bound to a destiny that was set from the beginning. Azrael and I never chose each other; the choice was made for us. We never knew anything else.

The ring you hold is part of my soul that your mother helped me recover. It was she who saved us from the Dark and led us back to the Light. As her daughter, you too are an Angel of Light. The fire does not harm you. I lost the ring during the crisis in Rome. But now it has been returned to me.

This ring has been blessed by Gabrielle herself.

I have never given this ring, my soul, to anyone. Azrael has never had any part in this.

This is the only part of myself that is truly mine, and now it is yours.”


Sebastian Morganstern~ I Am Literally Obsessed With Him Even Tho He Is Absolutely Terrifying I Mean Who Tries To F*** His Sister. Don’t Get Me Wrong I Love Bad Boys I Mean My Julian Obsession is Completely Unhealthy Like his Love For Emma but I am Completely Missing The Point… Only Truly Crazy People Can Say Shit Like This

“If I can not move heaven I shall raise Hell.” Someone Didn’t Get Any Hugs As A Child Like For Real


Julian Blackthorn~ Quite Possibly The Only Boy On This List Who Has Literally Been Obsessed With The Love Of His Life Since He Was A Child I Mean That Has Got To Be Like Straight Out of A Nicholas Sparks Book Right. Between The Two Of Them It Sometimes Feels Like They Are Competing To See Who Will Die For Each Other First. But I Mean What Do You Expect From A Brooding Artist Right?

“These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.”

Who Are Some Of Your Favorite Book Boys? Comment Down Below If You Want A Part Two To This Article I Think I Might Want To Do My Favorite Fictional Classic Gentlemen.

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Quick Tips For The #Bad&BougieSquad


Little Miss Don’t Cook… Don’t Clean… Well Don’t Worry Your Perfect Little Head About Anything Doll I Am Here To Show You Some Quick Hacks So That You Don’t Have To Mess Up A Curl!

I Don’t Know…..

How To Invest In The Future? I Know It Must Be Exciting Being Able To Buy What Ever You Want At The Pop Up But In A Few Years Your Purse Collections Value is Going To Depreciate. So What is A Girl To Do If She Hasn’t Invested In an 4 Year MBA turn to her Best Friend of Course… No Not Her Diamond Collection HER Cell Phone Obv…There are tons of APPS that literally will invest your money for you so you don’t have to! My Favorite Investment App at the Moment is Stash you can build a portfolio with as little as $5

*FYI $5 a Day invested in Stash could get You close to $3000 a yr… yea think about that the next time you make a Starbucks Run.

Visit Stash

I Don’t Know….

How To Negotiate A Salary/ Pay Raise?

You Are A Grown Up and Know How To Slay In and Out of The Bedroom/ Board Room But You Extravagate Lifestyle is Thinning Out Your Pockets. Maybe it is time that you talk to your boss about a Raise. But How You ASK… Simply Create A Portfolio of Your Work and Present it To Your Boss in A Private Setting Be Ready To Fight For Your Coin and Show Upper Management That You Are and Continue to Be The Right Girl For The Job.

Check Out Forbes Article on Why Women Must Ask For One i.e. Negotiations Advice From Stanford’s Margaret Neale

I Don’t Know….

How To Assemble Anything/ Change A Tire

Noone Wants To Pay Triple A $400 to Show Up and Change a Flat Tire  You Can Do Yourself. No Broken Nails! Every Women Should Have A Ladies Tool Kit and I Am Not Talking About Acrylic Nail Tools Either believe me it is a lot less terrifying than you think!

There Are Plently of Skills Every Modern Bad B**** Should Master in between learning how to tweak but if you have any spare time give these Three A Try I Promise It is a Step In The Right Direction

Check Amazon For Deals on Travel Tool Kits & Automatic Tire Changers

Get Out There and Kick Ass Ladies


5 Interesting People Who Follow Me On Twitter

Usually I Don’t Give My Social Media Following Too Much Thought But A Friend of Mine Recently Challenged Me To Give My Page A Quick Glance. So Today I Am Going To Look Through My Twitter  and Share With You The Five Most Interesting People Who Follow My Account. If You Find This Series Interesting Leave A Comment Down Below!

5. Kristen Hadeed: Founder of @StudentMaid & @CampusSpeaks

Visit Her Site:

4. Firefly Music Lyrics: The Official Twitter of Firefly Music Festival That Live Tweets lyrics from the Artists Performing at The Festival

3. The Mindy Project: Which is In it’s Last Season

2. Andrea Feczko: Nature Enthusiast

1. KingYc: Surprising But Yea

Hopefully You Found This Post Interesting Enough To Have A Look Through Your Own Twitter Because Believe It Or Not You Might Have Some Interesting People Following Your Account. This List Wasn’t Even The Tip of The Iceberg I am Sure My Other Two Twitter Accounts Are Full of Interesting People Whose Pages You Might Want To Check Out

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Pretty Recap: So Where We Were

Hello Beautiful People I know it seems like forever since we connected but this little Canary has been super busy! So where exactly have we been…. Working I got a Job away from the computer and I opened my own Poshmark Shop last month! @heistsocietynyc

I Also Celebrated My 28th Birthday This Past April and Traveled With My Pi Delta Sisters For Our Founders Weeks Celebration 🎉… Can You Believe We Turned Five Years Old This Year! Neither Can We.

We Hope That You All Are As Happy With Our Return As We Are.

Keep Reading and We Will Keep You Inspired