Nikon D610 Mini Review

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I recently got my hands on a Nikon D610 for some testing.  As a D600 owner, I really wanted to see how the camera compared.  I didn’t have the camera for a very long time (about 5 days) but I did put it through its paces and really try it out under tough shooting conditions.

The camera seems to be an improvement of note over the D600.  I saw no issues with the sensor oil problem that plagued both the D800 and D600.  The camera feels polished and professional offering a full frame sensor at a very low price.


I took the camera to Zion National park to shoot HDR and time-lapse for a new class I’m working on (as well as just to enjoy a few days with nature).  The camera had zero issues with the cold.  I got very long battery life using the optional grip.

What I Like

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