Alternative Beauty Sponges: For Beauty Blender Skeptics

Option 1: This Sponge is Latex Free and Hypoallergenic which is always amazing but the one thing I love about this sponge is that it is so soft I felt like the makeup was not being wasted which is something I can’t stand when I am working with sponges for my all over face makeup… It is expensive as heck so not wasting product is always my number one goal! The price really was amazing too considering this is a designer product. I would recommend this to anyone who would ask me for suggestions for a good quality well made sponge!

Cynthia Rowley Precision Blending Sponge $ 10 @ TJ Maxx
Cynthia Rowley Precision Blending Sponge
$ 10 @ TJ Maxx

Rating: 4.5/5 I really don’t have a complaint about this product I should have brought more!

$6.00 @ Sally's Beauty Supply
$6.00 @ Sally’s Beauty Supply

Option 2: Essence Beauty Sponge

I found my pink and purple ones at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply Store… These sponges look just like the Beauty Blender but the texture is not my favorite I only use these for adding highlights to my cheeks and contouring my cheeks. I

am not a huge fan but the price was decent so I decided to give them a try!

Rating: 3.5/5 Too Soft held too much water I felt like I was squeezing water on my face it diluted my foundation

Option 3: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

The Cult brush company everyone has been raving about has a sponge and it is perfection yes it is not the Beauty Blender but its quality speaks to the brand it is definitely nothing to turn your nose up to! At $6.00 at most retailers it is an amazing starter sponge! I am a huge fan of the alternative sponge shape it looks like it is supposed to hug the curves for your face.

$6.00 at most major retailers
$6.00 at most major retailers

.. No points like traditional sponges on the market but it does deliver on making your skin look glowing

Rating: 4.9/5


The One and Only Beauty Blender

$20/ Sephora
$20/ Sephora

I brought my beauty blender over a year ago and let me tell you it is worth the $20 I spent for it… The beauty blender is the perfect texture it isn’t too soft even when you dip it in water so it isn’t just absorbing the product you are placing on your skin I feel like the same amount I placed on my sponge ended up on my face… No waste! It comes in two sizes if I am not mistaken I brought the big one I want to invest in the small one which I think would help me get under my eyes better when I apply concealer or even creme blush… Because sometimes you just don’t want to use a brush to apply blush…

Rating: 5/5 It is amazing believe the hype

No matter which one you pick do your homework on the brands and make sure you pick a product based what you like not on if it is trending because you are going to be the one left flipping the bill!

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