Miss Amanda Nicole’s Essentials: Back To Glam Supplies For Campus

Miss Amanda Nicole's Essentials: Back To Glam Supplies For Campus
Happy New School Year Everyone…. Students and Teachers alike!
The Smell of Fresh Erasers is on the horizon…. What? Yea I just said that… But Seriously I love Back to School all of the mistakes of the previous semester are literally a thing of the past! Well I like to believe that they are… You don’t have to be the person that you were previously were…. and you know what…change is good!…So today’s lucky post is about scoring amazing supplies for you new semester… You got to roll in fresh and so clean no one wants to be walking around with last semesters planner anyway right?… Fas Paus Definately….So even though I am no longer in College anymore I recently I had to make a trip back to campus to help my Sisters little Sister move into her new dorm!… We did the whole running to Walmart to buy a bunch of new supplies thing together….#Winning…To be a Freshmen again! or Not as much fun as I had the idea of going back is kind of horrifying it feel like it was so long! Anyway all of this got me thinking what were some of my essentials for back to school supplies were when I was a Undergrad…
As a New Yorker I always had to be styling your bag is the first thing people see and it definitely shouldn’t be boring… Any college girl has to be ready to go from the classroom to the cafe so having a bag that doubles as a chic purse is a Back to School Essential in my book!. Now speaking of Knowledge being power and all…any college girl who is going to be on the go is going to need to plan her social activities down to a t… From Sorority Formals to Library late Nighters and Homecoming … Keeping a Planner … Not just a iPhone Planners can do wonders and for me especially writing down what you have to is amazing tool in shaping memory retention. You never know when inspiration will strike you and having a Camera around is a useful tool for Visual learner s who need to see to learn…..Plus if you have a blog like I do or even take more selfish in a day than Kim K a Professional Camera will allow you to take beautiful higher pixel pictures….Now I could spend a whole other paragraph telling you what would buy but I decided to list them below because it is faster and more efficient! See mom I learned something in college right?….!,,,?…
A Condensed List of My Other Very Important Campus Essentials:
Plastic Folders: you get alot of papers and plastic holds up better than paper folders
Spirit Jerseys: Not Only to they come in all colors for all occasions they are a warm for the fall yet polished enough for going to class or going to the game on the weekends
Shimmers: Bic Colorful Pens I used to write all of my notes in different colors and highlighted the colors with very bright contrasting highlighters… Yea I was that student in college!
Avery Heavy Duty 5in Plastic Binders and Dividers… Science Classes give out alot of paperwork
Uggs: Up North It gets Crazy Cold and I think better when my feet are not frost bitten !
Starbucks: This one doesn’t need to be explained
If you all have any essentials that I didn’t mention let me know in the comments below
To Everyone Else  going Back to School… It is going to be ok
A little Advice….
Freshmen: Stay in Your Own Bed
Everyone Else: Stay Out of The Freshmen’s Beds lol
A little Humor
Good Luck
Study Hard and Look Cute doing it

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