Regional Beauties: A Style Profile Featuring Shanygne Maurice From Too Much Mouth

Blogger Stats:

Full Name

Shanygne Maurice



Region: North East


Long Island, New York

Link Blog

Favorite Fashion Quote?

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

What Motivated You to Start Blogging?

The freedom to express myself and things I enjoy

Dream Career?

I want to own my business

Top Wish List Items at The Moment?

Louis Vuitton Never Full

Favorite Movies about Fashion?

Sex and the City

Favorite Everyday Pieces?

Combat boots, Scarves, and Cardigans

What Stores Do You Find Yourself Shopping at the Most?

Missguided, Top Shop, Forever 21

Favorite Designers?

Michael Costello

Favorite Fashion Vacay?

5th Avenue

What is Your Favorite Fashion Week?


Best Beauty Advice you have been Given?

Take good care of your skin and the rest will fall into place

In 3 Words, Describe Your Fashion Style?

Daring, Bold, Creative

If you can live in Any Fashion Capital in the World, Where Would You Live?


Favorite Shows about Fashion?

Project Runway

Favorite Fashion Season?


What Makes Your Blog Special? I know a lot of people like to focus on one aspect of Fashion… What is your Blog Specialty?

What makes my blog special is that I give my readers every little detail from how much a product costs to what does it smell like. I compare products, show you the different ways to use one product, and give you the good, bad, and downright ugly of some of the most popular brands. When it comes to fashion on my blog I think what makes it special is that I’ll go the extra mile for my readers. I’ll find you different options on pieces that may be more suitable for your price range. But it’s not all glitz and glam. I’ve been through a lot in life and it’s made me a very opinionated person. I talk about things that we all go through in life and give you a place to share the crazy thoughts in your head.

What are some Popular Trends Women Where You Live Wearing This Season?

Right about now the women where I live are breaking out their Uggs. I own a few myself and believe they can be dressed up with the right pieces..

How has your Region affected your Style?

I think living in New York has affected my style by making it more acceptable to try new things.

How has Fashion Positively affected your Life?

As someone who’s struggled with weight issues, I think fashion has positively affected my life by allowing me to dress nice no matter the size.

How has your Style Evolved Over the Past 5 yrs? 10 yrs?

My style has definitely changed in the last 5 years. I’ve gotten more feminine with my look and lets not even get into what I was wearing 10 years ago … I was 11.

Are there any Local Fashionista’s that you look to for Fashion Guidance?

Carli Bybel lives relatively close. She’s in New Jersey (or was since she recently moved) and I’m in New York. I love her style.

How do you build an Outfit depending on where you are going for the day?

I feel like everything centers around the top. So I start there and work my way out to outerwear..

Favorite Local Boutiques?Do you have any Fashion Icons that you look up to? Celebrity? Designer? Socialite?

J Lo is just flawless in every way and I usually always love her looks. Karrueche is also a socialite whose style often catches my eye.

What are your Dreams for your Brand “Too Much Mouth”?

I hope to build my brand “Too Much Mouth” beyond just my blog. I want it to be known across the Internet and in the real world. Hence why I started a YouTube channel as well and have started over on social media.

If you had the opportunity to create a Collection Based on all of your Favorite Things. Which Designer would you collaborate with?

I’d probably collaborate with Victoria’s Secret. There’s another side to me that likes sports so id love to collaborate with them and create a fashionable athletic sports wear collection for specific teams. Yes they have sweatshirts and tees that might say “Giants” but I’m talking a collection that you could wear beyond the gym or around the house while still representing your favorite team.

What is a Fashion Dream that you have always had but have not been able to pursue?

I’d love to model for one of my favorite designers.

Who are some bloggers that you look to for Fashion Inspiration?

I love Carli Bybel, Lauren Curtis, and MakeupShayla. MakeupShayla isn’t really a blogger with a website but I follow her tips and techniques through Instagram and Snapchat.

What are Some of Your Favorite Trends This Season and How do you intend on Incorporating them into your wardrobe?

I’ve grown a newfound love for trench coats and pencil skirts. We’re in the holiday season, which means plenty of parties for me to incorporate these two trends into my wardrobe.

How often do you Travel for Work?

I don’t travel much for my actual job but I hope my blog lead to opportunities in the future to travel and experience things in my niche.

Who are some of your Favorite Brands that you have worked with in the past?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with HASK and Irresistible Me this past summer. Both were enjoyable collaborations.What is your Everyday Beauty Routine?

My morning consists of combating my combo skin and leaving the house with a matte face. So I start my routine off with CeraVe facial cleanser and moisturizer (of the MAC Mineralized Charged Water), I prime my face with the Smashbox photo finish primer and use a matte based foundation. At night I work to repair my skin. I use a Murad facial cleanser, moisturizer, and serum, apply a Sephora eye mask, and coat my lips with the Agave lip mask.

How do you Combat the Weather Where You Live ? Do you have Products that you can’t live without?

In the winter, New Yorkers know to bundle up because it’s going to be brick cold outside and it’s nothing different from your scarves, coats, and boats. But in the summer it reaches a level of hot that I will never get use to and my hair with humidity is not a good mix. That’s when it’s time to either wear my natural texture or purchase a lot of hairspray.

How do you Showcase Your Hometown Pride on your Blog Page?

What are you looking forward to in 2016?

I’m looking forward to graduating college in the spring and starting my life as an adult in the real world as I follow my dreams.

Favorite Social Networking Site to Showcase Your Style?

I think Instagram is the best social networking site to showcase any of your passions be it beauty, fashion, cooking, etc.

A Very Special Thanks to Shanygne Maurice from Too Much Mouth here on WordPress for allowing us to Feature Her on Our Blog. Connect With Her via her Social Media Accounts

Social Media

Instagram: @xosmaurice

Twitter: @xosmaurice

Snapchat: xosmaurice






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