Going The Distance: A Mover’s Guide To Picking Up and Starting Over

Greetings Beautiful People and Happy New Year To You All!

I  Know We Haven’t Had The Opportunity To Catch Up I Am Dying To Tell You How My Month Has Been. So If You Are Late on The Latest News I Have Relocated Again Like Seriously Should Be Getting Like Free Trucks From All of The Moving Companies Because I Move More Than The Ground During A Really Bad Earthquake. But This Move Although Its Was Super Sad To Leave All of My Friends Behind Was A Necessary Step In The Right Direction.

Relocating After College is One Thing But Relocating For A New Job is Another… So Like Every Post Grad I Did The Whole Traveling and Partying Around The World Thing and Don’t Get Me Wrong It Was Great! So You Are Probably Wondering Why I Stopped? My Deferment I Have Put Off Like 12 Times Has Finally Caught Up With Me and Sallie Mae/ Navient and Everyone Else I “Borrowed” Money From Wants it Back!

My First Reaction Was To Go To My Mother… My Dear Sweet Mother Who Has Always Been There For Me But When I Called Her For Help She Said ….Sorry Sweety All of The Money I Had From My 401 K  Went To Paying For The Part of College That Loans and Scholarships Didn’t. I Literally Cried Over The Phone What Was I Supposed To ? Find A Job In This Down Market… Umm So I Watch MSNBC Daily and Let Me Tell You From Me To You We As A Country Aren’t Doing That Great… A Guy I Went To College With Graduated The Same Year As I Did is Unemployed * For Those of You Who Don’t Know I Graduated in 2013… Yea it is 2016 and He is still looking for His Dream Job So What Does That Say For The Rest of Us?

As Much As I Love My Alma Mater Go Hornets! The Surrounding Area is Composed of Retail Stored Stocked With High Schoolers Making Five Dollars and Hour. Now if You Go Up North towards Wilmington You Are Likely To Find Corporations That are looking to Hire Fresh College Grads and that is What My Sisters… Between Bank of America… Discover Financial… and The Other Corporations My Sisters Found Jobs and I Did Not #OverIt

Not Hearing Back From The Local Emergency Room For Me Was The Last Straw *Considering I Put An Application In To Work For Them in 2010 But We Are Not Going To Talk About That I Knew That IF I Was Going To Make A Move Towards A Better Career I Was Going To Have To Move. I Spend The First Three Months Looking Into What The Average Person With My Background and Experience Would Make Down in Savannah Then I Added That Onto Considering What The Cost of Living Would Look Like For Me

Median Range: 45, 538- 58,370* Not Exact

Cost of Living: 1,500/ Month 4 Bedroom Townhouse

Heat/Light/Cable/Phone/Internet 400/Collectively

Transportation: 300/Month

I am Not Going To Lie To You All I Wasn’t Sure if I Could Do It

So I Decided To Get Some Guidance From One of My Sisters Who Recently Relocated For Work

The Best Advice She GAVE ME WAS: It is going to be FINANCIALLY DIFFICULT For A Long While But As Long As You Have The Drive To Succeed You Will Not Fail. Still Terrified To Take The Leap I Needed To Finally Book The Rental Truck I Spoke To My Grandmother She Told Me That When She Left Her Children Behind in Panama She Was Doing it To Come Over To America To Build A Better Life For Them… Sometimes You Have To Leave Where You Are To Get To Where You ARE Headed. Being Able To Bring Her Children Over As Citizens Was One of The Greatest Accomplishments In Her Life… After Listening To Her Speak To Me Over The Phone I Was Convinced That I Was Doing The Right Thing.

Two Huge Moving Trucks Later and I am Here in The Coastal Empire Starting A Brand New Job and Decorating My New Space I Might Not Be Where I Want To Be Right Now But I am Extremely Hopeful For My New Future Because From Here It is Looking Amazing!


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