The Pretty Canary x Present Your Best Face

Happy New Year Beautiful People!

You All Are Probably Wondering Where I Have Been Since The Ball Dropped A Few Weeks Ago… Still Curious Well I Wont Leave You Hanging.

I Moved!!!

You Heard Me Right This Little Birdy Has Headed South For The Winter

As Much as I love My Beloved New York City The Idea of Having To Shovel Snow Makes Me Itch. Just Saying It is Bad Enough That We Have To Dress Like We Are Going on an Exploration to the North Pole To Go To Work But Then We Have To Walk At Least Five Blocks To Go Get A Decent Cup of Coffee I am Just Saying It is Doing Too Much and Besides I can Work From Anywhere That is one of the Many Perks of having a Tablet and a Great Wifi Connection.

So With All of This Dreadful Weather Believe Me When I Tell You It Gets Crazy Cold at Night Down in Savannah, My Skin has been Suffering! I have naturally Dry, Flaky Skin It is always peeling even after exfoliating  half of my face off. I Know What You Are Probably Thinking

“Amanda You Must Be Using The Wrong Products For You Skin”

Let Me Tell You About My Skin

It is Literally Worst Behaved Than A Two Year Old I have Tried

Birth Control Pills Which Worked for a While Until It Stopped and I was left with DARK SPOTS and DISCOLORATION ALL OVER

I Wanted to Cry So Bad So After The Birth Control I Decided to Try Over The Counter Acne Medication and I Broke Out in Hives So on my Quest towards Amazing Skin I decided to try ProActiv and I was really impressed for a long time my skin was clearing up and for Months I would go without Makeup on Everywhere…. Class, Shopping, Dates, Church I was so Thrilled That My Skin Was Finally Behaving Until It Stopped Again.

Now As of January 2016

I am Still Struggling With My Skin’s Dryness During This Season  But I have found Help… Just did a “Face Moisturizer Project” where they researched 219 of the industries leading moisturizers to find your Best Match Based On Common Issues Women Complain About When Looking For Products For Their Skin.

I Would Like To Personally Thank Sara and The Lovely People Over at For Allowing Me To Share This Amazing Content With You.

Check The Article Out For Yourself It Might Make You Rethink That Products That You Choose To Moisture Your Skin With!


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