You Get What You Pay For (or Dont Pay For): The Best and Worst Sites For Online Dating

So I Know A lot of People are on the Fence when it comes to Online Dating and it is Understandable! You are not only putting the best parts of you out there for someone to find you are also putting out your worst not intentional but it happens. *Because Sometimes you are that nervous on a first date and you spill wine all over your date…. Just saying it is not the end of the world and if the guy or girl is worth your time they will not let something that minor get in between  possibly meeting the love of their life.

Have I Peaked your interest… Great then you will keep on reading to find out which Dating Sites I absolutely love and which ones are honestly for the birds. I have done the research approximately two years worth and I can give you examples of personal experience dealing with each of the sites I have joined and are currently still a member of.

Disclaimer: Online Dating Can Be Very Dangerous Especially If You Are Younger Than 18 years of Age I Caution Anyone who is reading this who is under Age to Stick to the Old Fashion Way of Meeting People… Facebook I am Just Kidding Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape Seriously Be Safe and Watch a Little Dateline Before You Attempt to try this at Home!

So In Typical Fashion on This Blog Whenever We Do Reviews We Like To Start You off with the Worst Options. Don’t be Mad I am Just Trying to Help You Out and Besides Ending on A Good Note Always Leaves Everyone Happy… What Sue Me I am an Optimist !

What You Need To Know Before You Join

The Absolute Worst Dating Site I Have Ever Joined is Yea I Joined This Site in Early 2012 after a friend told me about a great guy that she met off of the Website So I Decided to Give It a Go it is Completely Free to Send Messages and Join but the quality of guys that have joined the site is what really turned me off! From receiving messages with poor grammar to my share of flaccid D**** I was completely over it and no longer keep up with the profile I created. It has become the Myspace of Dating Accounts For Me and if ever I remember when I am online I will probably delete it.

On My List of Offenders is The Ever Popular Tinder App Which has also turned into a Place Where People Go To Hook Up Not Where Anyone is Finding A Lasting Health and Happy Relationship. Time To Time I do scroll through just to see who just joined it is like the Magazine Subscription equivalent to Dating and I am not interested.

This Site is Getting Added To The List Considering I wasn’t even allowed to Join is a dating site that was created so that the existing members of the site can pick and choose who they want to join with a Voting Trial Period You can Literally Watch The Gage Slide as it Shows All of The People Who Don’t Want To Date You! What Fun and I see the appeal in a site like that but if the demographic is off and you don’t fit into the standard of beauty of society then you aren’t invited in. It is extremely Cut Throat and you cant use any of the features until you become a member. It is like if Mean Girls and Entourage had a Baby with Gossip Girl Yea as Queen B Who will be Performing at The super bowl This Year Says… “To The Left To The Left” *I have seen some of the Members that they have added and______________________________ I will let you Fill The Blank In. With A Tagline like 1/5 of People Don’t Get In I Mean What Can You Expect.

So if You have ever had any dreams of finding some nice Wealthy Doctor Who is looking For A Companion is Not Where You Want To Go. I have had Gentlemen Literally Send Me Links to Their Profiles on the Site but I was too grossed out to even give it a send thought of joining. As glamorous as Julia Roberts Looked in Pretty Women it is  not for me or anyone the pictures are grainy and the profiles are creepy just don’t.

Now That I have Gotten All of that Unpleasantness out of the Way We Can Focus on Why We are all here to find the Best Sites For You

My Absolute FAVORITE Dating Site That I am Subscribed to is Christian you create your profile but you also get to be apart of an interactive community of people who are honestly not just trying to hook up. Six guys in my area have offered to me up with me at my home church on Sunday for Early Morning Service. Amen It is Free to Join but if you want to use more of the features you must subscribe but it is well worth it who knows maybe I might find the Love of My Life.

So For Me When I Joined this Site it Definitely Wasn’t love at first site with which I honestly didn’t think I would like but after I put time and effort into my profile it grew on me and I started t receive messages after a few days from joining it is Free to Join and Message which is an option a lot of sites don’t give you but if you want to upgrade to the “A-list” you can get features added on that a normal subscriber wouldn’t have access to like Personality Traits which increase your chances of finding better matches.

These Sites are Kind of A Hit or Miss For Me I Joined But The Pool of People are not terrible and the sites layout and features are acceptable. *But The Are Expensive To Mantain

E-Harmony/ which I am pretty sure are the same company. They are expensive to maintain monthly and if you are not in a major city like NY or Chicago are a waste of money. But if you like singles events like cooking and cocktails it could be a match Made in Heaven. The Layout is Cheesy it looks like I am playing a Video Game Every time I log in I haven’t taken anyone seriously since I joined and I am probably never going to pay $29.95 to answer the thousands of messages I have waiting in my inbox I am not a Member because I am not a Farmer or a Country Girl but I wanted to mention it because I loved the commercial I saw for the site it was honest in a time when being the least honest is deemed acceptable. You Get What You Pay For Just Nice Decent Farmers! and isn’t that what everyone wants (Honesty)

So if I included a site that you are considering that is amazing I hope this article will help now if I didn’t include an Dating Site that you are currently considering leave me a comment down below so we can talk about it.

Happy Dating Everyone,





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