Increasing Your Chances: So You Want To Create An Online Profile

Welcome Back To The Series I am Running on This Site This Month All About Online Dating! if You haven’t read my First Article on Picking The Right Site For You I Will Add a Link Down Below.

The Best and Worst For Online Dating

I am going to be completely Honest With You All When I Tell You That I Jumped The Gun When I Started Signing Up For All of The Dating Sites I Joined a Few Years Ago But All of My Friends Where Finding Success So I Thought Why Not I? My Friend Found The Love of His Life and They are Married Happily with Kids So It Works but the Question That is on everyone’s Mind is How? How are all of these People Finding Each Other and Falling in Love So Fast? For Me I Started almost Two Years Ago and it hasn’t been nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. I really hate commercials sometimes I haven’t been to any Jazz Clubs or Tapas Bars and No one recently is looking into sending any Wedding Invitations it honestly seems like every week one of my poor friends is ending another long-term relationship. What is everyone doing wrong? Are We Giving Too Much To Soon or Not Enough at All To Keep The Fire Going ! The Allusion is Bullshit and here is why?

So if you have never signed up for one of these sites it is as simple as it looks on TV. You create a page and a profile but after you sign up you have to answer neverending questions about things that you like and don’t like even some questions that have nothing to do with Dating at all. I am Screaming This To You Through The Screen Now

Most People Lie During This Part! I don’t advise you to I know I answered the questions as honestly as possible literally like I was taking an exam in school considering that the wrong answer can ruin your chances of finding a True Match….100 Questions Later and I am still answering questions but at this stage you are or should be confident enough to fill in your profile… So What Do You Say?

Think about What The Questions in The assessment are Asking You?

What are You Looking For In A Partner? Casual Relationship or Hook ups Only

People Who are contacting you are also looking to learn more about you besides what type of relationship you are looking for put down

Why You Joined?

Whether You Like Pets?

Favorite Food?

Basically What Makes You An Amazing Candidate For A Potential Date?

Now Once You Have Gotten Past That Part… We Get To Everyone’s Least Favorite Part

Putting Up A Picture

Here Are A Few Tips

Put a Picture Up… It is as Simple As That

.A lot of Profiles Don’t Have Pictures and I don’t trust to meet anyone if you don’t have a picture if I cant see you… You Will Not Be Seeing Me. This is Not a Fanfiction it wont be that Hot Guy From Your Office You Have Had Your Eye On it is going to be some guy that may or may not be the age that he says he is

Just Saying it HAPPENS

Ladies Put Up A Picture no Older than a Year Old it is Deceitful and no one is trying to get Catfished. Also Don’t Put A Picture Up That is So Dark Your Own Family Can’t Identify You In

Just Stop

If it isn’t Good Enough For The DMV It is Unacceptable

If you don’t Specify you are looking for you are going to get the Bottom of The Litter When it Comes To Getting Choice Gentlemen. So No to the I am too lazy to fill out a Profile Guy or Answer any questions.

Say No To The D*** Pic Guy Sorry Your “Head” is on your shoulders not in Your Pants and That is not the Head I want to See in Pictures.

I Know I am Not Perfect and I Understand How Hard it is Out Here But We As The Human Race Are Better Than This Well At Least I Hope We Are.

If You Enjoyed This Article and Happy Online Dating,



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