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The Age Gap In Online Dating: Why Older Men Just Want Someone to Talk Down To

As a Seasoned Member of the Online Dating Community I can honestly sit down and tell you  that I am not satisfied with the Gentlemen that have been contacting me through the many services I am currently using. Scratch that I haven’t been too enthusiastic about my Real Life Prospects either but that is besides the point. I must have a sign on me that says… If you are 45 Please Contact Me and Leave a Pervy Note I love those! If I receive another message that starts with this { Insert Tongue Emoji Licking My (0)(0) } I am going to scream. After 35, Emoji’s are inappropriate you don’t come off as flirty but creepy especially if the person you are trying to talk to is 19. Just because she is Legal it still is disgusting… I Dare Someone To Disagree With Me! Name Me One Thing You Have In-common.  Exactly… I am 26 and I don’t even use emoji’s.

I think my main concern with Online Dating is How Many Pushy Guy’s have contacted me. One Minute We Are Sending Messages Back and Forth and literally Five Minutes Later…. Send Me Your Number, Your OOVOO Username, Your Kik basically my whole social media life um No like No unless I really like you I am not giving you my number.

*Must Remember For Real Life Encounters*


This is My One and Only Announcement to the Overly Aggressive Guys that like to contact me. That kind of Assertiveness might work at your work place where you need to be like that way *Cough Cough* All of the Wall Street Types that keep hitting me up… I am 26 Years Old  Not 6 I am not looking for a Sugar Daddy since when did Boyfriend = Pimp. You Flashing Your AMEX isn’t working either if you are Boring you and your AMEX are going home alone.

If you all were so smart you would be in a Relationship Already!


After My Last Successful Outing… I Refuse to call what I am Doing Dates I met up with my friend to talk to her about what I was doing? After a long heart to heart about What I am doing wrong she got to the part that I needed to hear

A Question I really haven’t taken the time to consider

What Are You Looking For In A Guy?

Well In All of My Successful Relationships with All of My Male Friends What Do We Have?

What Do I Love About My Male Friends?

….I Can Lean on them when I need advice or comfort… I can sit and laugh with all of them for hours and not even know that the time had past us by… being completely swept up in each others company…. Someone Thoughtful and Considerate Who Loves To Go on Adventures with me now matter how inconvenient or far.

I Want A Partner and Friend… All of my favorite literary heroes had partners who were their emotional and intellectual equals so why cant I? Holmes had his Watson so why can’t we all I am not settling for another Bad Dating Experience again and you shouldn’t either.

Let Me Know Below in the Comments

How Your Online Dating Experiences Have Been in The Comments

Happy Dating or Whatever


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