The Words Every Girl Doesn’t Want To Hear On A Date

Hi I am Chris Hansen From Dateline NBC…. Why don’t you take a seat over there? Sexy Right No But Seriously We Have All Heard The Stories of Girls and Guys Who Have Been Messaging For Months… Talking on The Phone So They Feel Like They Can Trust The Person on The Other side of the Computer…. The Question I Pose to You is Can You?

What did people do before shows like To Catch A Predator and Catfish Came Out. I don’t know because I wasn’t even old enough to drive and online dating really didn’t exist in the form that it is in now. Site after Site it is really overwhelming, Some Many People Show Up for a First Date Expecting Some Hot Guy To Be Waiting For Them…Tall Tatted Muscular and you end up with a guy that looks like he popped out of the To Catch A Predator Television Show. The Guy You Were Drooling Over is a) 20 Years Older than he said he was b) Not the Guy From the photo c) Has A Bald Spot and A Beer Belly

Actually Where is Chris Hansen When You Need Him?

It is More Common Than People Think

Individuals Will Steal Peoples Profile Picture From Social Sites Like Facebook to Create Fake Profiles to lure you in. Not Only are People losing Pictures but Credit Card Information and their Identities.

How embarrassing! You are So excited to be talking to a potential date you meet up and they are not who they say that they are… Frauds! So How do you Protect Yourself I have put together a few Safety Tips I Use Before I Meet Up with a New Date

Do Your Research~

Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Youtube, Snapchat or any social account that has a face attached to it. That can be the fastest way to verify if someone you are talking to is really the same person on the picture in the profile. Check Dates, Friends, Places of Residence

Video Chat~

I am Not Meeting Someone Who Wont have a Simple Video Chat with Me. It doesn’t long to Download an App or signup to use a service. I am more than willing to offer up chat info. Now if they don’t even want to show you their face that is a huge indicator that something is up. Profiles without Pictures always tip me off

Don’y Share Any Banking Information~

It Boggles My Mind

People get sucked into the lives of someone they don’t even know giving strangers access to all types of personal information out of loneliness. Criminals love sites like this don’t fall for it.

Be Safe Everyone and Take Precautions,







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