Let Go of Your Old Trash & Your Sorry Squeeze with Februaries App’s of The Month

Story Time Ladies:

Got Junk?

Well My friend sure did after she kicked out her SORRY ASS NO GOOD EXCUSE OF A BF out of the Home They Built Together she did. It was about time and as proud of her as we all are she still had a problem!

All of the Shit that he left behind! I wanted to Burn everything but of course we didn’t do that. After Three Babies (All Not My Friends), Another Secret GF Plus Angry Baby mama Drama she had enough.

It is too cold for a Yard Sale and I couldn’t bear to see her place invaded with all of his garbage any longer. So What Did I Tell Her To Do?

Let Him and His Bullshit Go

Between Let Go and Wallapop She might have enough to put down half of the Down Payment on a New Place By Herself.


Video Games…Gone

Expensive Designer Watch…. Bye

She is making out like a Bandit cash wise but like a Hoarder she was being to feel remorseful. Slowly as we watched people stop by and pick up the newly sold items she began to miss the life that they have been building together the past eight years and wondered if she could get back into the dating world after such a public and humiliating separation. After practically talking her off of a ledge *emotionally I decided the best way to get her back into the game would be to start her back off in the kiddie pool no commitment and no drama….

Spending Years Playing Mommy neglecting an Amazing Job Opportunity and spending to time preoccupied with your man’s selfish issues and BS can be tough so together we created a profile for her on Tinder being able to Swipe left or right at the grocery store or getting your hair done is less overwhelming… its like a showroom for Dating and even tho my Friend is still swiping left digitally it is a start in the right direction.

Who says You Can’t Get Another Start At Life Even if it means Selling Someone Else’s Shit!


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