Million Dollar Hookups for Five Figure Pocketbooks

With So Many People In The World it is Naive for Any of Us to Believe In Finding One True Love. Sorry if I blew Your Disney Bubble but realistically as a species we are extremely complex filled with all kind of emotions and character trait that define who we are as people. I Find it Laughable that I will be able to find a Gentlemen who will be able to give me all of this. Life is all about sacrifice and being in a relationship is the ultimate form of sacrifice… I can guarantee you that in every relationship on this planet at least one or both of the people are currently not satisfied.

In This Grand Pursuit of Locating My “Prince Charming” what will I have to give up… Will I have to sacrifice myself? Think of it like this if it takes a Village to Raise A Child could it also be argued that it takes a Village to Find your Mate? Who knows you better than your squad…. Your Best Friends who have been trying to get you to date that Hot Guy from the Gym they workout at or even your Dear Sweet Aunt who has been trying to set you up with that Nice Guy From Church….

Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me

Come One Come All The More Options You Have The Better Your Chances Are That You Will Find Your Best Match.

Now if you don’t like that idea that’s fine I haven’t had that much success with Random Hookups either. So In Today’s Post I Thought That We Could Explore Another Option That Hadn’t Crossed My Mind Until A Friend Mentioned it to me a couple of days ago.

So Between Curling My Hair, Talking on Speaker Phone and Watching Old Recorded Episodes of The Million Dollar Matchmaker on Bravo with my friend who was watching it from her house… Don’t Judge Us Alright We Like To Watch TV “Together”!

So She Says to Me Amanda… Do you think those kind of Shows Like Work?… I was so stunned I almost burnt myself with my curling iron….I don’t know maybe Shows like this have been on for like the last 10 years it has to have worked for someone right?

Like a Good Little Investigator I have decided to Do Some Research for Matchmaking Services in Major Cities and will be exploring the possibility of joining to find a qualified candidate *I am not getting any younger and maybe someone else who makes their living off of finding and bring people together will be able to introduce me to a potential match.

So Before I Give You The List of The Agencies I am considering I am going to Present You With Another List

My Must HAVES For A Match

*I Don’t Want to go in Blind and it will help my Matchmaker have a better idea in what I am looking for

Well Educated

Children/ No Children


Just Saying!

Since I have Flown South For The Winter I Will Be Focusing My Attention in The South East For A While





I Will be updating within the coming months… Who Knows I Might Have Good News!


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