Winter Television Icons: The Revolution Will Be Televised

With the weather dropping down to unbearable temperatures I have found that the best companion hasn’t been my Winter Reading List but my TiVo list. Being able to run errands and not have to worry about your favorite shows passing you by I had to share with you all the Shows and more importantly the Actors that have been keeping me glued to my screen.


Tom Ellis~ Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar bored with Tormenting Souls and Punishing the Wicked in Hell

“Luci” decided to take a Holiday to Where else ?


now between Running his club Lux and Trying to have Sex with Chloe *Officer/ Ex Porn Star “Highschool Hottub” in the most creative ways “Humanly Possible” the shows charm sells it self. Will Lucifer find Humanity and Gasp Compassion for Human Kind… Find Out

Mondays at 9 on Fox or On Demand


Jonny Lee Miller ~Elementary

Currently in its 4th Season Just as you thought the emotional rollercoaster decided to slow down this season we are hit with several shocking moments

But A Recap…So Far

Moriarty/ Irene  Being the Same Fucking Person

Joan Moving In and Out and Back into the Brownstone more times than I care to think about

That Kitty Part..

Joan and Mycroft Together …Yea

Sherlock Relapsing and his “Loving” Father popping up after god knows how long

Sherlock’s father basically believes that his own son is trying to have him murdered…Heavy and to make matter worst

Now we are about to get hit with another bombshell….

Sherlock ‘s mother may or may not still possibly be alive ummmm next week people it is about to go down. Maybe Maury and Dr. Phil will stop by the brownstone because the entire Holmes Family needs Therapy! No one has these many problem *Lucifer Morningstar is the Ruler of Hell and he doesn’t have that many problem just saying


Benedict Cumberbatch~ Sherlock Special

Speaking of people with Problems… Sherlock gets Music Festival  High and images himself and the entire cast back in Victoria England trying to solve an 150 year old case to try to help his mind make sense of the present “Moriarty” issue the UK*

Yea how fucked up do you have to get to create another Universe in your mind…Spoiler Alert: None of the Shit Happened

Shocking I Know


Tom Mison ~Sleepy Hollow

After separating his spirit from his body to find Abbie in alternative universe she was trapped in Ichabod and Abbie must stop the impending Demon Convention that is trying to make a visit to Sleepy Hollow… Thanks Pandora

Let Me Know Down Below What Some Of Your Winter Favorites are that are keeping you on your couch in the comments down below.


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