The Pretty Canary x Betabrand Present Personal Professional Attire


Fashion is a Form of Freedom of Expression and many major companies such as Apple, AOL, Facebook and Google have been allowing their employees to incorporate Business Casual work attire into the culture of the company. “you can be serious without a suit.” is the philosophy of Google as well as many Fortune 500 companies your clothing choices don’t make you or anyone else less or more qualified to do the same job. When I am dressing for an interview I like my future employees to see what they are getting when they hire me and personally I don’t own a full piece suit. Individual pieces yes but I never thought I look amazing in a traditional two piece! The Man (Women) makes the clothes not the other way around, so why would I want to work for a company that is not going to allow me to express my individuality in what I wear.

Don’t get me wrong there are elements in traditional dress that I love….Crisp White Shirts and Well Cut Trousers are always going to be staples in fashionable office attire. If we look back 40 plus years ago in the business world the standard work uniform was just that STANDARD there was no wiggle room for individuality the working professional was expected to arrive at the office everyday in a full three piece button down suit. Well from personal experience interviewing and working in the City of New York commuting in a full piece suit sucks especially having to take the Subway and run up and down the stairs to catch your train and don’t even get me started on the 1/2 mile hike you have to do in heels to get to your office. It is painfully unnecessary and you feel like your insides are boiling literally and if that isn’t bad enough guess who has to wear that thick material all day…YOU.

Oh What Fun!

CEO’s like the Late Steve Jobs had Everyday Comfortable Professional Attire down to a science by sticking to what works. Black Cashmere Turtleneck, Levi’s 501’s and Sneakers that’s it. Simple right? If he is able to get away with wearing the exact same thing everyday or at least a variable of the same thing why can’t we all? Why does being comfortable = Less Productivity it shouldn’t. Drive and Execution are the building blocks of success!

Well look no further for you Business Casual inspiration, The Company Betabrand which is a crowdfunded online clothing community has basically solved everyone’s itchy work pants problem. Fans of the site co-design the pieces that are featured on the site which is filled with plenty of cool comfortable work appropriate outfits. Betabrand is Home to such creations as Dress Pant Yoga Pants, “Slackies” a Slack and Workout pants hybrid for the slacker in all of us! Checkout there entire collection of Women Pants here! The Ever Popular Executive Hoodies and get this Bike to Workwear attire for all of us who are really concerned about the environment but also staying dry at the office. Which is like a serious concern if you plan on biking to work everyday.

So What Do You Wear?

What combination of clothing pieces is going to give you the “I am trying to look like I didn’t work hard putting this look together look” I like to think about what I enjoy wearing when I am out casually spending time with friends or even grabbing a drink after work…

Styled but Not Stuffy is basically the look we are after here so here we go!

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for my creative interpretation of the “Perfect Comfortable and Professional Yet Still Trendy Office Looks I Have Put Together”


Option Number One:


Option Number Two:


Option Number Three:


Option Number Four:



Option Number One:


Option Number Two:


Option Number Three:


Option Number Four:


Whether You Are A Lady or A Gent Your Work Attire should speak to the volume of your work and your personality. So Might As Well Enjoy What You Are Wearing!

Special Thanks To Betabrand for Featuring itself on The Pretty Canary

What are Some of your Favorite Casual Wear Pieces?

Let Me Know Down in The Comments Below




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