Color Me Happy and Color Outside The Lines: Adult Coloring Books For The Kid in All of Us

Good Morning Lovely’s,

So I have been stuck behind my laptop for the last few days and decided to take a break to gloss through some of my favorite search engines to find something fun to take my mind off of work. A coworker of mine suggested that I take some of the edge off by sitting down and coloring between breaks. I have done the research independently to know that I do not wish to spend almost $30 for a Adult Coloring Book Well At Least Not This Moment… I do have bills I need to pay you know but the idea did get me excited enough to browse through Google to find some fun and free options to occupy my time with. So because I am an amazing sharer I have provided you all a few of my favorites that I am currently working on. You can print these ones out if you like or type in your hearts content because the web is full of amazing coloring options…or if you are super high tech you can check out my favorite coloring app on the app store Colorify. Now if you can spend an unlimited amount of money on coloring materials then I suggest investing in these titles.


It’s T swift Do I have to say more… Unofficial or not this book is drawn to perfection!


This Beauty takes me back to my childhood watching in line the night before Harry Potter Books would drop… This Book Series was like God in the 90’s so to have a coloring book allows me to fully complete my life.


This One Direction Hottie is finally all of yours to take home between the dreamy hair and the everything else all of our prayers have been answered.


All of the Man Candy that a girl could ask for in one book… From Magic Mike XXL to R- Pat’s I can already feel my knees shaking.


Academy Award Winner and Now Coloring Book The World Simply wasn’t ready for recent Oscar Nominee to be placed into a coloring wonderland.


Amen… That is All

March’s Coloring Samples










Stay Sane and Stay Colorful,

Love A


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