Try On and Send Back: Warby Parker x The Pretty Canary


Sooooo I Broke My Glasses but in my defense I had them for over FIve Years and I was really super careful with them well kind of basically! Until one day I simply wasn’t careful and watched as my beloved thin rim glasses fell off of my face and get crushed under my feet. I can tell you that I have never been as angry with myself as I have been in my whole life! I have that special kind of insurance with my current employer that only allows you to get coverage glasses once every other quarter so if I really wanted a new fabulous pair of glasses I would have to pay out of pocket! Ummm BYE


I knew I had to replace my frames soon considering I use them for everything



Typing at Work




Reading and Writing Reviews


So I can’t Fuck around here! I decided before checking on line to look at some of the lowest priced Eye Dr’s in my area to see if I can get a better deal and I can tell you that I honestly wanted to punch the lady behind the desk. Buying eye glasses today is a struggle and personally it isn’t one you should have to go through alone. I give you the ONLY place I will be buying my glasses from now on Warby Parker not only can you try on a pair in the convenience of your own home but you. With so many interesting choices to pick from I don’t have to worry about seeing my pair on someone else. The Pieces are super unique so I might find myself buying a few pairs just cause.

Latest Promo: Free Shipping in The US only

5 Pairs for Five Days For Free


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