Kidults~ A Generation of Graduates Stuck Going Back Home

For anyone that is currently stuck in that awkward stage between Pom and Circumstance & Financial Success this my friends is the article for you. So you are Three or So Months from Graduation…. No Job Prospects and Tons of Debt Piling Up with INTEREST… and the question on your mind is what are you going to do? unfortunately there is no class that is offered at any University about what to do when you spent all of your money going to school and now don’t have any employers knocking on your door with at least an entry level position.


Don’t worry you are not alone, Super Independent College Students are stuck every year  making the tough decision….To Go Home or Not but not realizing that the way you lived at college is not the way you can live back at Mom and Dad’s House. I know it sucks No Keg Stands in the living room or dirty dishes in the sink! I know what all of you are feeling hanging your Business Interview Suits in the same bedroom you kept your teddy bears in is not the definition of cool . But you have to come to the realization that while you are handing your dorm key back and putting your life back into a U Haul that you are indeed moving home my friend! But don’t worry I have some tips from you to me on how to make your move home NOT permanent.



 I Am A Grown Up Still Living at Home Guide for the New and Semi New College Graduate

By: The Pretty Canary

(Your Living At Home After College Specialist,  LHS)

How does one survive the re- transition to being back home…..

  1. Be Considerate of Visiting Hours: Just like back in your Freshmen dorm your parents home has visiting hours. Think Early Bird Special Hours… Yea that EARLY unless the hours have been agreed upon in advance. Ask your folks before inviting Overnight Guest (Either Sex).
  2. Start Contributing: So What You Don’t Have Any Money… Just Because You Don’t Have A Job That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Help….Start Small at Home….Vacuum, Cook (Yes Ramen Noodles Counts)
  3. So You Got A Part-Time Job… Well it is A Start: Pay A Bill Even if it is a Small One it shows that you are serious about being perceived as an  adult… an contributing adult
  4. Clean Up After Yourself: Your Pig Like Lifestyle at college is OVER! Pickup a broom, Mow the Lawn, Fix up the Garden.
  5. Run Errands For Your Family: Help Mom and Dad save money on gas if you are going out ask if they need anything they are getting older you know
  6. Ask Your Parents For Help Connection Wise For Your Job/Life Hunt: The Best Part of having older relatives in your life is someone you know has some kind of experience in your future endeavor. Do Community Service in the Church, Volunteer at a blood bank it will also show employers that you are active in the community no matter how long it will take to land that job.

No Matter What Your Decision Sometimes Between Your Next Great Opportunity and Graduation is the Trip Back to Reality. Not only will you be able to regroup in a safe and loving environment but Living At Home isn’t that bad just ask the Millions of People you know that have done it.


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