Culturally Fetishized~ An OPEN Discussion on The Worlds View of Black Women

…Undesirable…..Unevolved…Apelike…Nappy Hair…

In The Mirror

Upon first glance of myself in the mirror you or any other person  would most likely think of me as a Beautiful Well Rounded Educated Black Women… Which is true I have worked extremely hard to get where I am right now and I happy with who I am and what I have accomplished! But I haven’t always felt like that and I am sure alot of you reading out there probably have definitely felt the same way. Social Media and Beauty/ News Outlets aren’t really helping us out either. I can’t remember the last time I opened a Vogue and seen a lot of these High End Companies placing Black Models in their ads so for me looking at my News Feed and seeing a women who looks just like me represent a Major Cosmetics Corporation is a huge deal. Most companies don’t have a shade to match me on a good day let alone on a bad one yet we as a community still give these corporations our hard earned money! My money is not overflowing but it is just as important as any other women whose shade isn’t similar to mine. Saying that someone is not as worthy is offensive and that is what you i.e. The Global Market thinks of us! Not only did it break my Heart to see a Beautiful Black Women get Bashed on a Major Cosmetics Companies Website what really got me was the fact that people had the Nerve to talk about this Women’s Lips but are Praising Women Who are Paying Thousands of Dollars to get fuller lips, hips, butts, cheeks, and breast traits that women like Serena Williams gets Body Shamed about Constantly…Really?

Pretty For A…What are You?

I can’t tell you How Many Times I Have Heard…”You Are So Pretty  For A Black Girl…Are You Mixed?… So the only way I can be Pretty is if I am mixed is some prize for women to aspire to! because society has made it very clear that being ” Just A Black Women” is Not Good Enough. Why are we the only race on this planet that has to overcompensate for everything we do just to be accepted or even stay relevant

Ladies am I alone on this, How many times have you turned on your TV and put on a Reality Show to see women of color acting “Negative” these corporations have made an entire media market on dragging our names into the dirt. So why should any of us be surprised that Other Races of People feel like they have the God Given Right to disrespect and degrade us. I am sick of this bullshit honestly… Black Women we should be #FuckinOverIt!

As tons of individuals ran to their Blogs and Snapchats to speak out in disgust all I could do is Wonder as a culture do we allow Other Races Guide our Perception of acceptable beauty. This vision that everyone is trying to aspire to is ruling our lives and frankly Fucking up our Selfworth.

Social Antagonists

Scrolling Through My Social Media the past few weeks and or months has been less than appealing pastime .  Beauty and Reality Mogul, Kylie Jenner has inspired the infamous #KylieJennerChallenge… Now for anyone living under a rock or who doesn’t the Internet hasn’t seen the Videos of girls younger than me cutting their lips sucking on glassware to get her famous pout. All I am going to say is you only get one face and I would do that dumb shit for some fucking lips but I am a little biase. She was not born with these lips yet she is being worshipped by brainwashed girls who are trying to emulate her and other starlets just like her and Just for The Record: She is Not the First Person to have (Big) Lips Just Saying!

but Unfortunately Still in 2016, Black Women have to put up with bullshit! Being called Manly (Serena Williams) for having an amazing body the girl is all muscle… why? Women like Iggy Azalea, Kim K didn’t pioneer Big Booty’s and their bodies shouldn’t be praised anymore than any other women actually Moines physical attributes should define who they are and what they can contribute.

Daydreams to Reality

When I close my eyes I see a World where we are all Valued and not Photoshopped to death and our minds are not devalued!

I am More Than My skin… My Body… Where I Grew Up or How Much Money I Have and you are too so think about that the next time someone wants to tell you what your purpose and value are.  So the girl on the other side of the mirror has a cheerleader someone telling her what she needs to hear but now can always know.


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