The Pretty Canary x Reviv Serum Hair Stimulating Serum

Between Years of Styling and dealing with unpredictable weather changes where I have been living ( Thanks For Nothing Global Warming) my hair has been a complete mess sometimes I find myself reaching for a wig just to get out of the house in the morning before I step into my work environment.

For a while my hair was doing well, No Split Ends or Breakage and amazing shine but it seems that for the past few months between moving and locating a job that I will love I have been feeling a stressed… If anyone from Sallie Mae or Navient is reading stop calling my phone! Lol I am just as broke today as I was yesterday! But anyway my poor hair has been taking the hit hard and for a while I truly didn’t know what to do. So between filling out applications I also was doing research into new and exciting products I can use to help revitalize my limp and lifeless hair.

I kind of feel like my hair care prayers have been answered! It is an system that you can use to help stimulate growth in hair folicals that seem to have given up hope. Between co washing and not washing as frequently I was ready to give up on my damaged dry hair but after a few washes I am feeling a lot better about my hair texture wise when wet only! I can’t really air dry and get the results thàt I would like.

Sometimes with my 4c hair I would see a lot of sheading happening and I haven’t had to address that issue as frequently as I previously had in the past few weeks. I have just started using my sample sizes I was sent but I will let you all know within the next few weeks how my hair is doing and what my hair routine will be this summer I feel like I am going to have to change it up since I have moved down South no more heavy oils or heat styling!

If you are interested in trying out Reviv Serum checkout:

Use the Code BlogExtra10 to get 10% off of the system through May.15th

RevivSystem is Cruelty Free… So No Bunnies are Harmed and it comes beautifully wrapped and delivered right to your door.


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