The Pretty Canary x Valentia

Between 12 hr days and Overnight Shifts my already dry skin has been putting up with with a lot of BS and from me to my pore I am truly sorry. I am the worst at keeping up with Systems for my skin and honestly if something at the drugstore is on sale I am going to try it out an pray I don’t have an bad reaction. I haven’t had the time to stop by Clinique to refill my system so I have been doing without for a longtime.

I don’t like to mix new products into rotation so when I started to hear good things about Valentia from online reviews I became very interested! For all of you that are not familiar with this brand it is a Luxurious Natural and Organic Skin Care Line that promises to help with healthy cell turnover rates and to fix common skin issues without having to deal with Chemicals! This brands name comes form the Roman Goddess of Beauty who used her gifts to spread youthful beauty.

Common Skin Issues such as Sagging, Dark Spots, Wrinkles etc are healed overtime with Valentia’s  Many Skin Products and Systems that can be used together in harmony. The Royal Rosé Hydrating Serum is my favorite Serum I use it at night after I wash my face to bring back the moisture my skin is always lacking. I like to finish off my serum with the true glow eye cream and the even glow serum to help with my hyperpigmation. Now during the weekend when I have time off or more time than I do during the week I take the time to use Valentias Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask allowing the product to sit on my skin for 20 minutes before washing it off.

If your skin is Dry/ Damaged like mine I highly suggest picking up a few of these products to try out for yourself. Shop at for a wider selection of products.



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