Professional Passions~ How Do You Choose to Occupy Your Life

No matter how hard this “New Economy” has treated all of us I like to still believe that having a Wild Crazy “You Could Never Make Any Money Doing That” Passions is what is keeping a lot of us sane while we get up everyday and work our responsible 9 to 5 jobs to pay off our never ending bills.

What really keeps me from throwing my towel in for good is thinking about all of the people who are working in the industry you want to be in. It wasn’t easy for any of them dealing with rejection but you have to keep believing someone somewhere is waiting to give you a Yes!

Keep Studying your Craft ie Continue being a lifelong learner it shows any employer that you are serious in bettering yourself and you are going to be able to fine tune any areas you are weak in. How are you supposed to know if what you are interested in is something you should try to consider pursuing as a actual career?

Try Asking Yourself these Questions:

What does the return look like for the average individual within your field?  How Many Years is it going to take for you become established within your field?

Now don’t get me wrong, I went to college with a lot individuals who are not even in the field they Majored in. Which sucks for every parent who invested in a STEM Education or even a Ivy League University because your kids are stuck in this shitty economy like the rest of us.

I have a lot of my College friends call me and say, A what the Hell am I going to do my Part time job that I have had for the last 6 years isn’t paying for anything and I still Live at Home! All I can do or say over the phone is say keep updating your skills and don’t quit your day job. As much as it kills me to say that it is the reality of our generations life everyday we don’t have to stop using our other talents to get us ahead in the world.

Between holding yourself down and your crew make a list of everything you are amazing at and use the Internet to make some money so many companies are allowing you to sell your products through a third parties site without even leaving the comfort of your home. Love to sing but no one wants to book you… YouTube everyone seriously everyone on YouTube is Rich or at least headed in that direction.  Spend your life going from Bitter about your situation to #Blessed but Humble definitely stay humble. Whatever you do just keep the fire and passion on inside of you don’t let the world or CNN bring you down.

Stay Inspired,



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