A Young Working Girls Guide

Whether you have had more jobs than boyfriends or you have just scored a dream job…Congrats Girl I am proud of you! So I have decided to layout some unspoken rules on how to rule your new job.

  1. Invest in a New Trench Coat Once A Year~ it is an investment piece, it literally is an heirloom piece and structurally the design has remained the same for over 200 years.
  2. Have A Signature Drink~ You work hard and knowing what you want and what you like at the bar is definitely something you should be able to check off your list.
  3. Save the Stilletos for Date Night~ if you work on your feet stick to Kitten Heels for the Day
  4. Find Your Signature Scent
  5. Develop and Perfect A Face Wash Routine~ This is for all of the Women who don’t like to wash their face and sleep with makeup I promise you that if you start and stick with it your skin will look amazing.
  6. Learn to Cook Your Way To A Diamond Ring~ If you want a Hubby you have to work a pot girl.
  7. Try A Hairstyle that Freightens You~ Your Hair Will Go Back
  8. Buy Your Dream Whatever~You Got Money Splurge
  9. Buy/ Invest in Some Stocks/ Bonds
  10. Wear Pantyhose with your Skirts~ It’s Classy
  11. Throw A Trunk Party~ It is a Easy Way to make Friends
  12. Invest in Tailored Dark Wash Jeans~ they Look Amazing With Everything!

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