The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Remember when you were in Elementary School and everyone had a pen pal that they would write to? I loved when the class mail would come in and I would get a letter. But now you can’t even get a guy to write you a note let alone a letter with the way that our generation has advanced so far technology wise so what are some ways to keep the Art of Handwriting Alive it is simple really and in this article I will be exploring some of my current favorite ways.

  1. Buy Personalized Letterhead/ Notecards: I find that I am more inspired to use something that has my initials on it and sending out Thank You Notes become that much more special!
  2. Bible Journaling: Working on your Writing is extremely important if you are archiving something like this because it is a keepsake so why not make it beautiful.
  3. Place Cards/ Invitations: It is so simple and it adds character to any event
  4. Journaling/ Planner Decorating: Your Whole Week can turn around by how you plan out your time and keep a journal or a planner that you write in everyday helps you remember things better… And it is just Gorgeous!

I know it might seem like I am asking a lot out of you my readers but just do yourself a favor… This small change always finds a way to brighten up my day when I a stranger tells me that my handwriting is so pretty… practice like crazy and after a while it will become second nature.



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