The Pretty Canary x The King Saddle Ranch Shop Present: Your Perfect Summer Looks

From Early May to Late September the Summer Music Festival Season is the  Perfect time to hit up some of the Hottest Performances, So Why should your amazing style take a hiatus! Well my friends over at The King Saddle Ranch don’t think so either. So what is a girl to do about dressing amazing on a fixed budget well the good thing is because the weather is so toasty you can practically get away with wearing some cowboy or cowgirl boots and nothing else! # Dontjudgeme just saying with the temperature rising dressing light as well as fabulously is the name of the game!

Let’s Get Started…

Outfit 1:

image (1)

Outfit 2:

image (2)

Outfit 3:image (3)


Outfit 4:

image (5)

So whether you are deciding on hitting up a show live or staying a little closer to home you can still have amazing style options. Get ready to steal some amazing pieces from my inspiration wall while you are jamming out to my dream country music playlist via my spotify playlist.

Stay Beautiful and Party On,



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