The Pretty Canary x Turo: Present Date Night

Congratulations if you are one of those people who have been dating since you hit puberty because for the rest of us articles like this one that you are about to read and many others just like this one are designed to help make this process a bit easier to bring together. I can tell you a huge amount of my anxiety comes from what I am physically going to put on my body but another pressing issue that I know a lot of us just don’t consider is what the heck you and you date are going to do once you leave your apartment and meet up… Yes you are going to eat but the dinner and the movie as like an actual activity is so over literally it is not special any more I can tell you that I have been on more  ” Friendates/ Mom/Daugther Dates” than I can to admit in this post. But regardless of you Datexpertise i got and we are here to hook you up in a big way!

So if you are a city girl like me and only use cars or car service apps for pick ups and drop off why not upgrade you game and rent a car for the evening or even the weekend with this amazing new service called Turo here is how this amazing service works you download the app and it gives you the option of renting a vehicle or listing a vehicle and if you dont want to pick the vehicle up the vehicle can be delivered to you. Amazing Right! Turo has car sharing down to a science so all you have to do is drive away in style and not have to worry about insurance or going to some god awful rental place….ewww… and if that wasnt a great enough selling point for you as someone who lives in a large city if you can get past the stigma of not being able to find parking the fact that you can meet up with the driver and exchange info so it feels more personal like borrowing a car from your best friends sisters aunt.

So you got your amaazing ride that is getting dropped off within the next few hours what is a girl to do while she waits ? Well i dont know about you but every night must be the continuation of a perfect day and what day could be more perfect than heading over to a Tribeca classic Bubbys located on Hudson st it is lowkey for everyone that is not in the mood to get elbowed in the face at Mc Donalds but cheap enough that I dont look for a hole at the bottom of my wallet after I get up to leave. If every you are in the neighborhood grab a Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese they are my everything! So bagel in hand and coffee in the other I catch an up town train to my favorite hair salon in NYC for a touch up and a color/cut my girl always hooks me up  now believe it or not five hours have past yeah and I have less than an three hours to go find a chic but affordable date night outfit well I could head over to a retail giant and give them all of my money or I can hit up one of my favorite spots Buffalo Exchange where I can literally trade the clothes off my back for an almost new designer cast off….amen so after trying on outfits I know I am not going to buy #SorryNotSorry i have an hour and a half left to head back downtown throw my outfit on and head out on my hopefully this wont be too arkward for you as well date.

So I know you are ready for some options I have put together now that you are dressed and ready to go out so here are some not so hum drum date night ideas for you and your potential new bf….

Why not head over to the Film Forum for a  vintage movie watching experience and end your night at a speakeasy like the Blind Baker in Bklyn and enjoy some drinks and apps

or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can head over to MoSex and check out one of the more racy exhibits before finishing your night off at Mystery Room NYC for some unorthodox fun…

How ever you decide to spend your night make sure Turo takes you there.

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