The Pretty Canary x Adore Me Present Project #AdoreYourself

“The Better You Feel About Yourself, The Less You Feel The Need To Show Off”

Robert Hand

Hello Beauties,

My Number One New Years Resolution since I didn’t share that will all of you lovely’s is this plain and simple… NO MORE BULL SHIT DATES!!! I am having all of my sisters hold me to this and I would appreciate it if you all would remind every now and then we are better than that! No More Flakey Guys No More Half Ass Dates Just No More… I am going to Be Better to me. I am a Smart, Well Round Individual and you me and we as a collective are sick of it… HAPPY NEW YEAR… Now back to how I #Adore The Fuck Out of Me and how you should #adoreyourself just the way that you are in 2017!

I know it has been a long while since I posted anything but I have been very busy between my two jobs and I am not talking about maintaining my blog. I hope everyone’s holiday season was amazing I know mine was between playing Santa to my friends and family honestly nothing brings me more joy than giving to the people I absolutely adore. Don’t get me wrong I gave as much as I got (ie for MYSELF) I seriously think I have a shopping addiction because in my mind Christmas is still going …Hello Semi Annual Sales! My credit cards are not happy with me right now but I know the credit card company are!! But that is off topic lol..

So today I wanted to focus on some ways that I pamper myself not just because it is a new year but because if I don’t take care of me no one is going to right? I have found that out the hard way…#SoManyCancelledDates I have come to the realization that if I want something for myself I have to work to get it so how is The Pretty Canary working to make 2017 Slay… Keep Reading and you will find out

2017 Listed

  1. Have More Brunch~ I don’t know about you but for me Sunday means more to me than just Church and Football I have been going to Collins Quarter down in Savannah Georgia the past few months for Champagne and Eggs it is a nice relaxing way to kick off the end of the weekend and the beginning of the week. if you are going to stop by I suggest coming around 11 because it fills up quickly and by 3pm you can forget about getting a table for Brunch all they are serving is alcohol til close.
  2. Go See More Live Music~ I am a music junkie so dropping a few stacks on killer tickets to see one of my favorite artist is definitely one of the ways I adore myself some of my favorite artist are touring right now and you can bet I will be front row center to experience the magic… Ari here I come.
  3. Donating More of My Time and Money to Worth While Causes~ So last year I did 6 Cancer Walks in 2017 I want to double that number even if I cant physically make it to each event. My wallet is open to the cure! Knowing so many of my family members are suffering from a number of well known ills makes me want to give all I can to help them as well as other people who find themselves in these hard situations. #FindACure
  4. Travel To More… There are so many luxuries all over the world and honestly I need a travel buddy who is really to travel hop with your favorite blogger #FirstClassOnly
  5. Love More~ There is no greater luxury in this life than Love and giving and receiving Love from your loved ones is how I #AdoreMe!
  6. #GymSlay~ I have A GYM MEMBERSHIP and I am going to do a full body transformation because beauty comes from within and if my insides look like garbage then I will look like bad and feel bad on the outside. #AdoreYourself ladies with some amazing pieces from AdoreMe New Fitness Collection.
  7. Be Bold Bitch~ I love trying new things and something that I have been dying to do is go sky diving… Yolo maybe I will bring the squad with me
  8. Cook More With Organic Ingredients~ New Year New Me
  9. Take Time For Tea Time~ Not Only is Tea amazing for digestion but it is also one of life’s ultimate luxuries… you don’t have to have a lot of money to brew yourself an amazing cup of tea with honey and some of my favorite honey comes from a local favorite The Savannah Bee Company I cant drink my tea with anything else

A Very Special Thanks To My friends Over at Adore ME for reaching out to me and allowing me to participate in their #AdoreYourself Project. Ladies and Gentlemen How Do You #AdoreYourself? Let Me Know In The Comments Down Below

Also if you haven’t read my review that I wrote last year about Adore Me I have left the link down below: Adore Me Review



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