5 Interesting People Who Follow Me On Twitter

Usually I Don’t Give My Social Media Following Too Much Thought But A Friend of Mine Recently Challenged Me To Give My Page A Quick Glance. So Today I Am Going To Look Through My Twitter  and Share With You The Five Most Interesting People Who Follow My Account. If You Find This Series Interesting Leave A Comment Down Below!

5. Kristen Hadeed: Founder of @StudentMaid & @CampusSpeaks

Visit Her Site: kristenhadeed.com

4. Firefly Music Lyrics: The Official Twitter of Firefly Music Festival That Live Tweets lyrics from the Artists Performing at The Festival


3. The Mindy Project: Which is In it’s Last Season


2. Andrea Feczko: Nature Enthusiast


1. KingYc: Surprising But Yea

Hopefully You Found This Post Interesting Enough To Have A Look Through Your Own Twitter Because Believe It Or Not You Might Have Some Interesting People Following Your Account. This List Wasn’t Even The Tip of The Iceberg I am Sure My Other Two Twitter Accounts Are Full of Interesting People Whose Pages You Might Want To Check Out

Til Next Time,

The Pretty Canary


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