Quick Tips For The #Bad&BougieSquad


Little Miss Don’t Cook… Don’t Clean… Well Don’t Worry Your Perfect Little Head About Anything Doll I Am Here To Show You Some Quick Hacks So That You Don’t Have To Mess Up A Curl!

I Don’t Know…..

How To Invest In The Future? I Know It Must Be Exciting Being Able To Buy What Ever You Want At The Pop Up But In A Few Years Your Purse Collections Value is Going To Depreciate. So What is A Girl To Do If She Hasn’t Invested In an 4 Year MBA turn to her Best Friend of Course… No Not Her Diamond Collection HER Cell Phone Obv…There are tons of APPS that literally will invest your money for you so you don’t have to! My Favorite Investment App at the Moment is Stash you can build a portfolio with as little as $5

*FYI $5 a Day invested in Stash could get You close to $3000 a yr… yea think about that the next time you make a Starbucks Run.

Visit Stash

I Don’t Know….

How To Negotiate A Salary/ Pay Raise?

You Are A Grown Up and Know How To Slay In and Out of The Bedroom/ Board Room But You Extravagate Lifestyle is Thinning Out Your Pockets. Maybe it is time that you talk to your boss about a Raise. But How You ASK… Simply Create A Portfolio of Your Work and Present it To Your Boss in A Private Setting Be Ready To Fight For Your Coin and Show Upper Management That You Are and Continue to Be The Right Girl For The Job.

Check Out Forbes Article on Why Women Must Ask For One i.e. Negotiations Advice From Stanford’s Margaret Neale

I Don’t Know….

How To Assemble Anything/ Change A Tire

Noone Wants To Pay Triple A $400 to Show Up and Change a Flat Tire  You Can Do Yourself. No Broken Nails! Every Women Should Have A Ladies Tool Kit and I Am Not Talking About Acrylic Nail Tools Either believe me it is a lot less terrifying than you think!

There Are Plently of Skills Every Modern Bad B**** Should Master in between learning how to tweak but if you have any spare time give these Three A Try I Promise It is a Step In The Right Direction

Check Amazon For Deals on Travel Tool Kits & Automatic Tire Changers

Get Out There and Kick Ass Ladies



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