The Pretty Canary x My Scary Eyes: A Pretty Scary Deal

Hey Beauties,

I know its been a while between working my day job and night job I haven’t had the type of time to dedicate to my passion. So when I received an email from My Scary Eyes to review their products I knew it was time to come back and write an article for them. After waiting for a little over a week to receive my PR package it has arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted!


My Scary Eyes offers customers the option of ordering individual contacts for all types of cosplay or ordering lenses for everyday use to change up your look AKA super cute insta pics. I was sent the Complete Glimmer Hazel Contact Lens and Solution Set. What I absolutely love is how soft the lenses are I never felt like I was going to scratch my cornea’s which is always a huge concern.


The Color impact is phenomenal the hazel contacts look crazy natural even though the design is the main focal point and really gives them that special wow factor. Now if you have a prescription I wouldn’t suggest these lens because they are not prescription nor can they be made to be.

Overall, I will definitely be ordering more of these fabulous lenses they are crazy affordable and shipping is always free what more can a girl ask for.

Rating: 4.3/5




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