Who Is The Pretty Canary?


Professional Background

Hi Sisters My Name is Amanda,…

I am an…  Fashionista, A Writer, A Lifelong Reader, Singer among many things …

Proud New Yorker Born and Raised, Sorority Sister and Friend.

As an Pi Delta Rho Sorority Alumna as well as a member of The Order of The Eastern Star I am a recent college graduate and an active member of the blogging community here on WordPress. I created The Pretty Canary Blog as a E- Magazine for not only my sisters but women who are looking for a little beauty inspiration, relationship advice, recipes and a whole lot of love. I hope that if you are visiting my page today that you are learning something you didn’t know before you came here! If you would like to contact me I will leave links to my social media pages on the bottom of the page. Happy Blogging to all of my sisters and new friends!!!

All of My Pretty Pi Love,


The Pretty Canary is a Beauty and Lifestyles Blog .  This Blog works to inform, educate and entertain our sisters on how to live more fulfilling, successful Pretty Pi lives.

I am the Founder of The Pretty Canary Blog on WordPress as well as an Contributing Author to the Blogs…Hello! Soror, For Queen and Country NYC, For Love and Couture and Commander In Chic


Heart to Heart,

My Open letter to all of you

I have had the luxury of calling this city my home for my whole life… Now after high school I left my beloved kingdom to venture forth to my new academic home… And as amazing as college was for me… Parties, Pagents, sisterhood, homecoming, graduation and new amazing life long friends I knew where my heart lied so I packed up my new diploma, kissed my friends good bye and headed back home to the big apple. Everyday is a new amazing adventure in manhattan and I am always willing to share my hopes and dreams with all of you! On my channel we well be exploring together, living together, loving together and learning together so sit back and enjoy the ride it is going to be spectacular.

All of My Love


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Twitter: @thepinkcanary12
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For Business Inquires, Collaborations, Questions or Just To Say Hthepinkcanary12@gmail.com


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